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New Arrivals

'Portraits of the Soul' isn't about rendering forced smiles or perfect features. It's about holding up a mirror to those raw, profound moments that everyone has experienced but struggles to put into words. These portraits are echoes of your story, my story, and our shared story of feeling alive.


From the overwhelming tide of emotion captured in “The Juggler” to the quiet resilience of “Illuminated Awakening,” each portrait in this series is a loving overture to the human spirit. These aren't just pictures to admire; they're whispers from the depths of your own being, tugging at the threads that unite us across cultures, experiences, and ideologies.


So dive into these paintings, and let them become mirrors of your own spiritual journeys. Let them remind you that you are not alone, that your struggles are shared, and that even on your darkest nights, you remain a radiant masterpiece, colored by the full spectrum of what it means to be human.


  • "Contemplation" is a 6 x 6' acrylic painting on cradleboard in a floater frame. 

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