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While I've always lived creatively, my formal journey as an artist began in 2017. It wasn't until the pandemic challenged my beliefs about art and self-identity that I fully embraced my artistic calling.

I believe in following the whispers of inspiration and letting each brushstroke unfold organically. Exploring diverse mediums and themes allows me to express myself authentically, whether through vibrant paintings or intricate mixed media creations.

Art isn't just a passion—it's my lifeline. Creating brings me immeasurable joy and serves as a sanctuary where worries melt away. But the true magic lies in the connection it fosters. Witnessing the joy it brings to others fuels my creative fire.

As a recently retired elementary art teacher for nearly three decades, I've seen the transformative power of art firsthand. From the boundless imagination of young minds to the rediscovery of wonder in adults, each lesson taught me the importance of nurturing creativity at every age. Teaching is not just a passion; it's a calling to empower others on their creative paths.

I've had the honor of curating solo and joint shows at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax. My work has also been part of larger shows in galleries such as Art at the Mill, Falls Church Arts, and the Vienna Arts Society, where I proudly hold membership.

I am also excited to share that now you can see a variety of my artwork at Wander In- an incubator store for artists and makers- in Old Town Fairfax, VA! 

I am represented by ArtRewards in Norway.  This online partnership also includes having my work shared on Artsy and Artmajeur as well. 


Join me on this journey of creativity and connection! 


Info on when and where I will be and new art will be in my weekly newsletter!  Make sure to sign up here for Joyful Expressions!  Be in the know. 

Info can also be found on Instagram and Facebook @treehousestudiova 

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