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Social Media Services You'll Adore
A Perfect Blend of Excellence &  Joy!

As a graduate of the Hay There Social Media manager training program, I help clients with social media content, community management, paid social advertising and so much more.  I use my life long skills as an artist to create materials that are engaging and one of a kind!

Here are just a few client recommendations and examples of my work! 

I have only just begun!

Hay There Certification Badge for Precious Burger

“If you want to help elevate your social media to the next level, you absolutely want to work with Precious Burger. You will be so happy that you did!”

Amelia "Mimi" Brown, CSP 

Amp Up Success

What People Are Saying

Image of Kevin Hickerson

I wholeheartedly endorse using Precious for your design and creation needs. My campaign started with nothing and she created a logo and materials from scratch. Precious kept me in the loop on important decisions and made me feel taken care of so that I could work on being the best candidate I could be. I would use her again in the future for all my design needs. 

Kevin Hickerson, Candidate for NEA Director

Examples of Services

Design Created for Outdoor Adventures

Merchandise Designs

My client, Jessica, does the podcast, Virginia Outdoor Adventures, and wanted to create merchandise for her listeners!  She came to me with some ideas and through the creative process and collaboration, I was able to create a design that included her tag lines, incorporated her brand imagery and connected the design to Virginia! 

Social Media Facelift

While clients usually have their social media pages set up, often, they need a little "facelift" to refresh the energy and look of their page.  Sometimes this includes creating new banners, updating various sections, adding highlight bubbles, or  improving their grid or overall look to ensure a cohesive and unified brand.

Instagram Grid for Mimi Brown after working with Precious Burger
Hickerson Postcard Marketing created by Precious Burger
Hickerson Logo created by Precious Burger

Branding Materials

There are times when our businesses need  materials and resources created  for our different needs.  My client, Kevin, came to me with some goals and intentions for his campaign.  Together, we refined the ideas and I created a impactful slogan for his brand with a logo that represented his vision. I created this postcard that was shared with a target community on the day of my client's announcement for candidacy.  

Results that get noticed...

Part of my job as a Social Media Strategist is to show growth via metrics! 


And the proof is in the pudding... 

Social media data

Writing Services

I love to encapsulate information and client's needs to create a positive impact on their  organization. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Script Writing & Narration

In collaboration with my husband, Todd Burger, we created this VIDEO for the Vienna Arts Society

I wrote the script after the VAS leadership team shared their vision and provided a lot of great things they wanted to capture about this wonderful organization!  My husband created the video and I provided the narration.

Image by Sergi Kabrera


As a member of the VAS Communication Committee, I drafted several pieces of writing for the Vienna Arts Society to utilize for upcoming events.  

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Press Release

Sometimes organizations need a small blurb for a variety of purposes.  Here is a sample of a press release I wrote for the Vienna Arts Society to share with local news channels and other press members. 

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