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Let Me Introduce Myself...

I am Precious Burger.

The creative behind Treehouse Studio. 

Recently retired, I served as a proud educator and strong advocate for public education for almost three decades. While receiving VEA’s Award for Teaching Excellence, traveling to Peru as a NEAF Global Learning Fellow, and being chosen as a finalist for the FCPS Outstanding Teacher Award were career highlights, the best moments were always with students- including the visits from former students that would come back years later to tell me how much my class meant to them.

Learning, creating, and helping others is in my DNA!  So naturally in retirement, I would want to challenge myself to continue learning new things, creating everyday, and helping others!   My  vast skill set continues to grow and I want to support others by doing what I do best!    If you are looking for someone to take information, encapsulate it, and tell a story through creative outlets that connects with others' humanity, I am your Artist and Content Creator!   Planning and organizing things are my jam and my natural leadership and writing abilities will impress.

Check out my Artist Bio page to learn more about my artist journey and be sure to visit my Art Gallery Shop to see my artwork!  I am sure you will find something that speaks to you!

If you are still reading this, you must be curious!  I invite you to explore my site to discover for yourself ways that I might be able to help you with your next creative endeavor!   Looking forward to connecting with you!

With Gratitude and Joy, Precious

My latest projects

A Few Career Highlights

Photo of Precious Burger for her Acceptance Speech in 2014 for  the VEA Award for Teaching Excellence

VEA Award for Teaching Excellence 2014

In 2014, I was honored to be selected for the Virginia Education Association Award for Teaching Excellence.  The award recognized my:

  • leadership in professional practice

  • advocacy for the profession

  • community engagement 

  • leadership in professional development

I was also recognized by the National Education Association for this award.

Precious Burger at Machu Picchu as a 2015 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow

NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow 2015

In 2014, I was offered the opportunity to serve as a Global Learning Fellow for the NEA Foundation.  After a year of learning about the importance of Global Education and studying the rich culture of Peru, I traveled to Peru with my colleagues to be immersed in the culture and learn from the people of this beautiful country.  

My life was forever changed as was the way I taught my students.  While in Peru, I was fortunate to meet global artists,  Pablo Seminario and Marilu Behar.  A friendship was formed and these two amazing artists worked with my students virtually (before it was a thing) in 2016-17 and then in 2017 they visited my school for a week to work with my students! 

My latest projects
Precious Burger as a FCPS Outstanding Finalist 2016

FCPS Finalist for Outstanding Teacher 2016

A student's parent nominated me for the Fairfax County Public Schools Outstanding Teacher Award in 2016.  It was an honor to be recognized with other outstanding colleagues for my ability to:

  • instill a desire to learn in my students

  • understand my students needs while building relationships with them and their families,

  • to facilitate learning and share knowledge

  • provide leadership in and out of the classroom

  • build relationships in the community

Precious Burger lobbying on Capitol Hill

Elected NEA Director for Virginia 2017

After traveling the state of Virginia for almost a year to listen to the needs and concerns of my peers,  I was elected to serve as a  National Education Association Board of Director member in 2017.  

As a NEA Director, I was responsible for lobbying on Capital Hill, overseeing the NEA Budget, guiding the direction of the association, advocating for education policy that supported the needs of my students and education employees, and leading the profession from the classroom.  I served on my state and local Board of Directors during this time as well as several committees at all 3 levels.   Above is a video of me speaking at our state convention during my candidate remarks before voting. 

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